Through Efficiency

EnviroBed Livestock Bedding is approved for use in organic systems by the Organic Farmers and Growers. It is currently available in bulk loads, tote bags or small bags on pallets.


What Is Envirobed?

First introduced to the UK market in 2001, EnviroBed Livestock Bedding has undergone over 10 years of development and improvement leading to a product today that is consistently 95% dry matter.

EnviroBed Livestock Bedding is suitable for use on cubicle mats and mattresses, in deep bed cubicles and loose housed systems.

It is consistently available all year round and is delivered on bulk loads or bags to your farm gate.

EnviroBed Livestock Bedding is 5 times more absorbent than sawdust and 10 times more absorbent than straw and this exceptional absorbency leads to each load lasting longer. It rapidly absorbs ammonia, urine and leaked milk which minimises seepage onto other beds and keeps udders clean for easier milking.

As well as being a useful cattle bedding, EnviroBed Livestock Bedding is also currently used as animal bedding for sheep and goats.  It can be used as an under layer with a top surface of straw which wicks away the moisture from the top whilst keeping the surface dry and ammonia free.

Cow Comfort Pays Well

Cow comfort is not only morally sound and good for welfare, it is also profitable. Housing specialist Ivor Davey from Cow Plan Ltd says:

So the right size and design of cubicles, with sound bases and decent bedding, that result in cows lying down for 12 hours instead of 10 can be expected to give 3.2 litres/day more milk.

Why Should You Use EnviroBed On Your Farm?

How To Use Envirobed

EnviroBed Livestock Bedding products combine:

…for dairy and beef cattle, adults and youngstock alike. Variants suitable for cubicles or loose housing are available. They are made from the waste short fibres from paper recycling, heat treated to create a super-dry bedding material.