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A bacterial bedding additive which outcompetes pathogenic bacteria, producing a more hygienic and controlled bedding environment.


What is Cobiotex?

Cobiotex is a multi-strain bacterial bedding additive which forms protective biofilms over the bedding and cubicle surfaces. These biofilms out compete the growth of pathogenic bacteria, including those linked to environmental mastitis (E. Coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus) and digital dermatitis (Treponema, Dicholeobacter) reducing the risk of these diseases spreading.

The biologically controlled bedding environment created by using Cobiotex, means there is no need for irritating bedding additives (such as lime) and invasive mastitis/digital dermatitis treatments or antibiotic use is reduced. 

What is the difference in the mode of action from traditional methods?

COBIOTEX: Competitive Inhibition
Non-pathogenic bacteria form biofilm layers over the surface. They then outcompete pathogenic bacteria for resources, limiting their growth and reducing the risk of disease.

TRADITIONAL: Active killing
Adding chemicals such as lime to bedding or using harsh treatments will kill the pathogens, but also causes irritation to the cows skin, which creates an unnecessary point of entry for pathogenic bacteria.

Why Should You Use Cobiotex On Your Farm?

How To Use Cobiotex?

Cobiotex is for use on clean and damp bedding (mats/mattresses, loose-housed and deep beds).